Bernie Mitten Large #19


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About our mittens:

Each mitten has a grey cuff: this is made from a woven combination of our sheep’s wool and black nylon. The top part of the mitten is made from recycled sweaters. The inside is lined with a very soft black fleece. The large mittens measure 4.5″ by 10″ . The medium mittens measure 4.25″ by 9.75″. We have tried the mittens for fit, and find that those with very small hands may find even the mediums a bit too roomy (long in the fingers). The large mittens will fit a good sized hand but may be too narrow for someone whose hand measures across more than about 4″. The cuffs are sewn up onto the mitten; the stitches can be removed to roll the cuff down farther on the arm.

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