Sponsor Carmen



My name is Carmen and I have two best friends:  Ricardo the sheep and Brandy the big black cow. I love them both so much.

I came here because I was very very sick when I was little, and I lost some of my sight. I also didn’t grow very much.  (You can see that I’m a bit short).  I have grown very healthy, though, and I have a sleek, shiny coat and a fat belly, and I can see pretty decently to get around the farm.  I have a good time here and I go up and down and down the hills.  Sometimes I eat the grass and sometimes I eat the bushes and sometimes I eat the hay.  Then I take naps in the sun.

I’m really lucky. I’m a Hereford cow which is what they call (shudder) a meat breed. I am safe from that awful thing.  No one will eat me or my friends.  This is so wonderful and it makes me happy every day to just be alive.