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Starting with our natural colors from our sheep, we are hand-dyeing some of the yarns.  Each batch is fairly small and variations may occur in the dyeing process, e.g. there may be light and dark throughout the yarn skein.  We have tried to photograph the skeins accurately enough so that you can see the true colors.

We have limited skeins for each color; however, if you have a request for a certain color please get in touch and we may be able to dye something to your specification.

Our yarn is all DK weight (between Sport weight and Worsted weight).   The yarn was spun at a mill; some skeins are slightly lighter or slightly heavier than others.  We’ve noted the weights on each yarn color.  The yarn dyed from white will be about 4.6 ounces and about 250 yards. The yarn dyed from grey and brown will be about 5-5.5 ounces and about 350 yards.

The original natural colored yarns are:

  • White (from Ricardo, Huckleberry, Sweetly, Old Vinnie, Parsnip).  Approximate proportions: 70% wool, 10% mohair, 20% alpaca.
  • Brown (from Madison, Spenser, Marguerite, and Senna).  Approximate proportions: 70% wool, 30% alpaca.
  • Grey (from Gruff and Bart).  Approximate proportions: 70% wool, 30% alpaca.


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Yarn Color

Caribbean Blue, Cornflower Blue, Crushed Grape, Fire Engine Red, Genie Blue, Goldenrod, Olive Branch, Red Clay, Sugar Magnolia, Summer Breeze Blue, Sunburn, Sunkissed, Tree Frog Green, Tundra Blue