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I am a southern gentleman who happened to fall on very hard times.  However, a host of most gracious ladies helped get me back on my feet through the Bourbon County Rescue.  I have now nearly doubled my weight and my hair is coming back in with a vengeance!  I’m a Catahoula Leopard dog mix and I was born around 2010.

I’m extremely mild mannered, as a gentleman should be, and exquisitely tidy but I will just let you know that I’m very attached to my food.  I went without food for so long, I feel rather protective about it now.  I have just one bad habit:  I feel a compelling need to bark every time someone passes by.  That might be the UPS man going up the neighboring driveway, or the donkey hanging right outside my front yard.  I just bark and bark and bark.  I don’t know why.  My favorite spots are on the front porch in the sun and the sofa where I snooze and contemplate the meaning of life. This is a grand place to live!