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G’day g’day, my name is Madison and most days I am not sure whether I am a goat or a dog or a buffalo.  I might just be all of them.

I came to this farm in a nice lady’s lap when I was just a wee one.  I was bottle fed for a long, long time (and honestly I still long for my ba-ba).  I’ve been here a long, long time now.  Most days I don’t feel too old – I can still hustle up the hill if I hear the feed can rattling!  I love hugs and kisses – if you come up to me really close, I will snort in your face.  You will like that.  You can also give me a full body hug – I’m really soft and comfy to hug.

I have to take pills for arthritis, and I get them in fig newtons.  I look forward to those fig newtons every night!  I’m a sheep who loves his cookies. I was born on January 4, 2003.  Can you believe it!  I’m quite the old man but I still feel good and eat well and hang out with my friends.  Age is just a number, dearies.