Sponsor Nicole



My name is Nicole (pronounced in the French way) and I am both feminine and strong.  That is a wonderful combination, n’est-ce pas?!  Henry (RIP) and I were living at the most awful place before, but we escaped and by hook or by crook, we found our way to our new home.

I have a particular fondness for sheep and so I sleep in their area much of the time and look after them.  I also make sure that the UPS man does not come through the gates.  I love love love the kids who come to work at the farm.  They brush me and talk with me – kids make the best conversation.   I’m so glad the animal control people found and saved us.  I love lying outside at night under the stars and I really love my breakfast and dinner.  I’m terribly afraid of thunderstorms, though, and have to sneak into the house when it is raining.

I have some thyroid problems so my waistline isn’t what is used to be, but I’m about 10-11 years old (they think I was born around 2011).  So all us older gals get a bit thick around the middle, right?  Am I right?  I’m still gorgeous and I can dance like John Travolta.