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I’m what you call a “wool sheep”.  My breed is Border Leicester and my ancestors all came from England. Well, so mostly people want to hire me out to grow beautiful wool.  They aren’t at all interested in my opinions, my lessons learned in life (I was born in 2006 so I’ve been on this earth a good long time).  Nope, all they want is what comes off my back.  Hmph.

For quite a while, I had a good gig at a farm for most of my life, but then it seems that my wool wasn’t growing fast or long enough.  The word going around the farm was that Herman and I were going to be sent off to the butcher.   Now that was not a good prospect, so Herman and I had a quick quiet talk with our shearer who had taken a liking to us, and she arranged for us to come to her farm.  I was pretty skinny when I arrived, but I’ve managed to put on lots of pounds which makes me a force to be reckoned with!  You will risk life and limb if you venture outside with cookies! I am the quintessential cookie monster!