Sponsor Roger



Hey.  I’m Roger.  I used to hang out by the library. It was cool there, you know, and grass to eat.  People would pass by and say, hey there little fella.  But you know, it was kinda lonely. Through a whole bunch of strange mechanisms that humans call “making connections” I ended up at this joint. It’s cool!  I’ve got this old dude named Rudy who shares my space.  He’s ok but he’s kind of noisy, always telling me what it’s like to be a guinea pig. DUDE I’ve been a guinea pig since I was born.  Ugh.  Anyhow, he is good about sharing food and stuff with me. I’m kinda glad to live inside now.  Too cold out for a guinea pig to really enjoy himself now.

Hey, people! There are a lot of guinea pigs at the animal shelters.  Stop buying them at the stores.  Get your bum in gear and go to the shelter.  We are awesome dudes. Come check out my cousins.  They need indoor homes too.