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I’m a very brave horse.  But I was pretty worried there for a while, I have to admit.  For reasons I cannot possibly imagine, they sent me to the auction where the “kill buyer” was eyeing me and Bruno. We were both trembling and some of the other horses picked fights with us, so I had to protect him and me both. We’d just met but right away we knew we were meant to be friends.  He was really worried, too.  Blind in one eye and lame, no one was going to want him (so he thought).  And me – I’ve got Cushings disease.  So things were looking bleak. But I’m pretty good at social media so I put out the word and lookie – this amazing horsewoman came and got us, and called the vet and did our teeth and our feet and groomed us and put coats on us and then she found us this permanent place with a cow who is, rather unfortunately, in love with me, and a lot of crazy goats.  Hazzah!

I think I was born around 1994 and I’m supposed to have some Tennessee Walker in me.