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Sponsor a treeWe have long wanted to plant more trees on the farm to give the animals more natural shade.  While they will take a while to grow to full height, our new evergreen grees (2 Concolor and 1 Douglas Fir) will be beautiful new additions.  There is nothing quite like having a long-living tree growing day by day.

Many thanks to our handymen and tree planters!

Every tree has to be securely fenced with post, board and wire (to prevent goat and cow invasions).  One 100′ roll of 5′ high wire runs $300 (covers about 3 trees), the lumber is about $125 for each tree and rental of the post hole digger and jack hammer (our ground is full of stone!) $120.  The cost of the trees averaged $100 each (from our friends at Mt. Hope Farms!).  For a dollar a day for one year ($365) you can personally sponsor one of our trees and have a plaque affixed to the fence surrounding it!




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Concolor, Douglas Fir, Willow