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Hi hi, we are Hank and Lucy.  Actually, we are Lucy and Hank. Either way, we come as a set.

I, Lucy, lived with quite a few hens in the city. But the fox came and one by one, all the girls were taken away.  I got bitten but I came here and recovered.  I’m an old girl now and don’t lay eggs, but no one minds since that’s not my main purpose in life.  My main purpose is to be decorative!

I, Hank, am far more decorative than Lucy.  Well, I’m sorry, it’s just a fact.  I was living on the streets and got picked up by people in uniform.  I spent some time in a sort of weird jail type place and then was brought here.  i’m very very handsome and I take care of Lucy, but sometimes I’m a bit of a jerk to people if they get too close to me or my girl.  That’s MY purpose!