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Hello, my name is Muffin.  It’s a funny name for a cat, but it’s the one my adoptive mama gave me so that’s good enough for me.  You see, I was left at the animal shelter, but one day an elderly lady came in wanting to bring home a sweet cat.  She chose me.  I was very sweet to her and she was sweet to me. I loved sitting in her lap, and then going to explore the house a little bit, and then coming back, knowing her lap would always be there.  But then one day it wasn’t.  She wasn’t.  I was told she was sick.  Then I was told that she had died.  I was left all alone in the house, and I wondered how I would manage the house all by myself.  It was terribly lonely and confusing, and I kept wondering if I had done something wrong to make my mama sick.

Then one day a different lady came and made me sit in a big plastic box.  I hated it and I hated her because she wasn’t my mama.  I yelled at her for hours as she drove me to some unknown destination.  And when I arrived… there was ANOTHER cat already in the house. This was too much.

Now some time has passed and my unhappiness has also passed.  I’ve learned that, actually, a lot of people come through this house and they welcome me in their lap. I tolerate Hopkins (the other cat) and sometimes we sort of sit near each other.  That’s about as good as it’s going to get for a cat.  And that’s my story!