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I lived a long, long time at one farm. I had a job. My job was to monitor the sheep.  We’d walk around the pastures together all day, eat, nap, eat again, and then settle in to sleep at night. It was a pretty good job because I liked the sheep and they had a good sense of humor (not all sheep do, you know). But one day the farmers said, “sheep be gone.”  And they were gone, like that, to some other farm.  I was stupefied.  Just gobsmacked. What??? I had worked with these sheep most of my life and just like that, I lose my friends, my livelihood, my sense of purpose.  I heard through the grapevine that the new owners “didn’t want the llama”.  The Llama.  That’s what I was.

Then everything changed and got much better. I heard (again through the grapevine – it’s a powerful tool amongst us animals) that if I could hitch a ride, there was a permanent home for me at Star Gazing Farm. I jumped at the chance.  And lo and behold, two of my old friends Herman and Pippa had already secured their space here at the “retirement home”.  I put that in quotes because there is nothing retired about this place. Parties every day, drinking, loud music (just kidding). But there IS a lot going on and it’s pretty interesting.  I’m grateful to be here and to be wanted and needed again.