Sponsor Saul


I’m Saul and I’m a really old goat.  I’ve seen many generations of Angora goats come and go, but I’m still here.  I’m a stubborn old goat but underneath I’m a real softie.  I came here with my friends Miriam and Isaac last year and we’ve really taken to this sanctuary life. Our daddy was getting older and had health problems.  He was so very worried he wouldn’t be able to take care of us anymore. What a responsible daddy.  He didn’t wait until things were a crisis: he arranged for us to be taken care of in advance and that’s how we came here!

We used to stay on our own most of the time since we are the only Angoras here and, to be honest, we rather thought we shouldn’t mix with the “hoi polloi” at this farm.  But we have since found that they are a good group of folks so we’ve moved up to the “general population” barn and enjoy the nightly parties!