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Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh.  You would never believe our story if we told you, but then there I go, I’m going to tell it to you anyways.  We are three drake ducks.  We are a bachelor gang and omigosh, omigosh, we were dumped along with about 20 other ducks into a water treatment plant.  A WATER TREATMENT PLANT.  I mean, look, we’re not geniuses or anything (just so you know, we all are going to say the same thing – no conspiracy or anything, it’s just that for any given duck flock we all share one brain.).  But even WE knew that a place where they’re going to treat the water (I guess with chemicals?  Maybe scary brushes and filters and, omigosh, I just can’t bear to think about it anymore).  Well, now some people saw this and JUMPED into action. They worked and worked and made all kinds of phone calls and we came ALL the way from Ohio to this nice farm in Maryland and it’s good, omigosh, it’s really good, and we have some pools and good food and the goose Wall-E who screams a lot but that’s ok we like him anyhow.  And phew, it’s all so exhausting just to think about anymore.

I’m a Khaki Campbell duck and I have a green beak.