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My full name is Euclid the Fierce and Fancie Faerie Goat. I was born in 2009 and I am a Pygora goat and I’m in love with Milo the dog.

I travel around the countryside terrorizing dogs and beating geese into submission (this is no small task, my friends).  I am powerful but also extraordinarily cute.  I came here with my lady-in-waiting Sweetly.  I do miss my original mama; she got sick and had to move away. She used to let me into her house and gave me treats and I had all kinds of fun eating the siding off of her house. But my goodness, there are now many challenges here at this farm and soon I will have parades organized in my honor.  Yes I will.  There will be pro-Yuki parades, and all the other goats will carry the banner!  I love being a very important goat.