Nest Buddies


Nest buddies are gifts for your local wild birds.



Nest buddies are gifts for your local wild birds.  The boxes are hand-made from wood and painted pretty colors by our friend Gary in Michigan (he’s been working with us for years!).  Our volunteers here at the farm wash and dye the alpaca and llama fiber, and stuff the boxes in artistic patterns.

You can hang your nest buddy from a tree, from your fence, or from a hook near a bird feeder so that the birds can pull warm fibers to line their nests.  You’ll see the colorful strands peeking out from their little homes.

The box can be refilled with wool, bits or straw, mohair, or alpaca fiber.  Don’t use string, human hair or yarn; these can cause harm to the birds.

Included in the package:  one nest buddy box stuffed with fiber and a yarn holder and a refill bag with additional fiber.

[Our nest buddies come in so many different varieties that it’s not possible to list them all on this shop.  Unless you indicate a specific preference, you’ll receive a random color box.]