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Star Gazing Farm is an animal sanctuary based in Boyds, Maryland.   We take in animals who are down on their luck and need a new lease on life.  Some have been seized in cruelty cases by the authorities; some have been picked up as strays; some have owners who, themselves, have had their own challenges such as medical issues and need to see their animals go to a loving place, and some have come here for their retirement – because everyone should have a soft landing when they are old!

We hope that our shop will help you connect with our dear animals.  We collect the fleeces of our fiber animals each year, wash and dye it, and recently we have had the fiber made into items that people can wear and enjoy (or knit from!).  We do not run this shop as a commercial enterprise.  Our prices are set very close to the actual cost of production.   We have made these items out of love for the beauty of our animals and a desire to share them with you.

You can feel good knowing that the animals live a comfy and rather spoiled life, that they have been shorn gently and humanely, and that the folks who run the yarn and knitting mills are small family businesses based in the United States.  Please read more about our animals on our web site , or visit us on Facebook for daily updates and photos of the farm.

Farm visits:  Visits are scheduled about once a month and tickets can be obtained here at the shop.  When a visit is coming up, you will see it appear as the first item below!

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Showing 1–41 of 56 results