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My name is Al and I’m a former street rabbit.  I am one of the lucky ones.  Being on the street is not a good place for a rabbit, and most of us don’t last long when we’re put out of our homes.  Dogs, cars, foxes, starvation.  It’s not good.  But as I said, I’m lucky and a kind samaritan picked me up and brought me to the rescue group Friends of Rabbits.  They took care of all my veterinary  needs, and then I was allowed to go on a speed dating adventure.  That’s when I met my love Zoe.  A petite, soft black bunny with tiny ears – but feisty and bossy!  I like a bossy girl.  We were instantly friends.  But Zoe was elderly already, and she passed away.  Right now I’m a bachelor bunny but am looking forward to the chance to meet another girl.  She won’t be Zoe, but along with big ears, I have a big heart and I know I can make a girl rabbit very happy.