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Hi hi!  My name is Marty and I was brought here as a little lamb, because somebody said he thought I’d make a good dinner and somebody ELSE said, oh heck no, not Marty, Marty is NOT going to be someone’s dinner, no way no how.

When I arrived I drank milk out of a bottle every day and it was the highlight of my day, besides following my grandpa Madison everywhere he went.  I love my Madison man.  Then I got kicked out of the old folks area and I thought it would be a sad day, except I got accepted into the bad goats gang and I’m not even a goat!  However, I am a super good head-butter and I’m also a stealth headbutter which the goats thought was really the bomb.  So now I run with the big boys.

I was born on April 23, 2022 and please remember my birthday, ok?!