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Oooh, hello.  My name is Wilbur. I was bornded on May 31, just a little while ago.  My mama tried so hard to get me into this world.  That’s how much she loved me.  I think there are no better mamas in the world than mama cows.  But my mama had a very  very hard time.   I heard people whispering that her “labor was intense” and “oh no”, and “what can we do?”  After I came into the world, my mama left it.

There I was. In the world.  And no mama. My kind, kind farmers right away got me a bottle of milk and I was so happy to drink it up, but still.  I wanted to snuggle next to my big, warm mama.  And there was no mama.

Then, just 5 days later, I don’t know how it happened, but somebody’s dog got out and the dog smelled me (newborn baby cows are very sweet smelling).  I thought, oh good, a new friend! I’m a very friendly little calf. The dog came up to me but he was a bad one, and he started biting me in so many places. My farmers ran out and saved me from the bad dog, but then my leg was all hurt. My other scratches have healed up, but my leg still has a big boo boo.

At the same time, the farmers’ beloved pastor died and so then what to do? There was me.  There was the grieving family and community.  (I learned the word grief when they gave me a bit of counseling after my mama passed). So they found this farm.  This farm where I now live!  Right now I’m sharing space with a very friendly cat named Maria and a crabby goose named Louise. I’m getting medicine and warm milk four times a day, and sweet people keep coming in and throwing their hands up in the air, and exclaiming, “OH MY GOSH! SOOOO CUTE!”  It’s funny and nice.  Thank you for reading my story.

I’m going to have medical expenses.  Maybe you can help me and my new farmer out?

Love, Wilbur