Sponsor Winston



My name is Winston! It used to be Kratos, but that is the God of war and everyone decided I was much too peaceful for this name.  Plus I rather look like Mister Churchill, don’t you think?

I am a Turkish Kangal shepherd dog. We are very big and very strong. And we are pretty rare in this country.  That makes me extra special! I lived with a really beautiful family in North Carolina.  They had sheep and ducks and chickens and some other dogs.  I did a really good  job protecting them.  Most of the time.  But, see, there was a lady Great Pyrenees down the road. No matter what my family did, I found a way to go and see her. But the road was very busy.  My family was so scared.  One time I got out and I got hurt and was taken to animal control. It was a cool ride for me, but my mom was soooo upset. She said, that’s it, we can’t keep you safe.  And that’s how I came here.  Mr. Fred drove all the way down to North Carolina, and then all the way back with me.  I drooled on him a lot.  He said that was ok, because he likes dogs.

Well now I’m waiting for my ‘tutoring’ appointment but soon I will be able to go out free on the farm and hang out with Milo who is just the coolest dog there is!