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Hello hello, I’m Mamie.  I was really in a pickle before.  I was made to do yucky things with boy dogs and to have lots of babies. They called it a “puppy mill”.  Then I got rescued by the Mid Atlantic Jack Russell rescue people.  They were surprised when they saw me and said, “but she’s not a Jack” and the owner of the mill said, “Ok then I’ll take her in the back and stop feeding her.”  You see, I might have some Jack Russell in my sketchy past, but I know for sure I’m part Cattle Dog (aka Red Heeler).  I put on my very sad, pathetic face because truly, truly I like to eat. It must have been a pretty good face, because they whisked me away.

Before I knew it, here I was on a farm, in charge of all these animals! I have learned how to protect people from the geese, and how to make the goats move all in one direction.  I am a really good kisser and I am usually very very busy which is just how I like it!  I think I was born around 2013.  I’ve actually had to have 3 cancer surgeries:  two for mammary cancer and one for liver cancer. But I’m a tough girl and I recovered just great.  They call me the $15,000 dog. I think it’s funny.  They tell me it’s not so funny. Hee Hee.