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It was the summer of 2020.  I was just a little lamb and found myself being transported to the auction.  That’s sort of a bad word amongst the sheep – our friends go there and never come back and we worry so much what became of them.  And then it was my turn.  I was so frightened – who was going to want a sheep with crooked legs?

You see, I can only walk on my front knees because I was born with contracted legs. I don’t know how, but by some miracle, a lady took me away from that auction and many roads later, I arrived here.  I have good friends, good food, soft bedding.  There is a feeling of peace here.  I like it.  Oh, and they are working on getting me something like a cart so that I can walk around better.  I think my dad might have been a Dorper sheep, but I still need to be sheared in the spring.  I’m very cooperative about it!  I love any kind of attention and you can come give me a great big hug anytime!  It’s so good to be alive.