Sponsor George the goose



So, yeah, I’m a Star Gazing Farm boy now. My goose gang and I came here after we lost our farm. This place is awesome and we have a lot to do here. All these sheep, goats, chickens, people and the cows need to know who’s in charge, it settles them knowing we are looking out for them. Louie and I with Weazy’s help, form the Entry Sentry; meaning if you step foot on the farm, we will immediately greet you and let you know the rules of the farm. We practice this first on the volunteers and the resident animals. All were quite compliant except for Farmer Anne and Brandy the cow. After a few chest bumps to the schnoz of Brandy, we two came to an understanding, she has our back and we have hers. As for Farmer Anne, well we’re still working on her.