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I am one lucky little sheep, don’t you know?  Well, maybe I won’t be little for long because my daddy weighs 300 pounds and he is SO handsome and strong.  I’m a hair sheep. That means I don’t have to be embarrassed in the spring and get tipped over and shaved naked.  Nature lets me shed all by myself which is fine by me.

So I was born with not quite developed eyes.  I have amazing hearing and smell, though.  I use my ears all the time so you will see me tilting my head to figure out where things are.  I really love people – people have been very kind to me and made sure I was always safe.  I have made a wonderful friend here.  His name is Ricardo and he’s just a little younger than me.  Just quietly, he’s a bit bossy but his friendly personality makes up for any bits of grain I have to give to him.  Also, Milo the dog always watches out for me.  If you come any evening, you will see Milo staying close by.  I can’t see that it is dark, but he knows that it is, and so he wants to protect me.

Just for your information, I love pieces of corn and I really love neck massages.