Sponsor Ricardo



Greetings my sweet friends, my name is Ricardo and I was living at a campgrounds in Hagerstown where they had a few other sheep.  The ladies there were so nice and they gave me my bottle regularly which I LOVED but they said I wasn’t “quite right”.  Well now I don’t know about that. I have sort of funny eyes and I have a funny run but I’m quite all right, thank you very much.  And anyhow, it’s ok to be “different.”

I was born on April 5, 2018 and I think I’m a Texel sheep.  I was a cute fluffball when I came here.  Now I look like a linebacker.  I LOVE being a linebacker.

Good news is that their concern brought me to Star Gazing Farm.  I’ve got all kinds of neat friends and I’m just so tickled every time someone comes to visit.  I walk right up to them and introduce myself and offer to show them around.  I’m just that kind of guy.