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Every year we need to shear our sheep and alpacas and goats.  They need to be shorn for their health.  We believe that all the work they have done during the year should be put to some good use.  Rather than add to the landfill, we collect our beloved animals’ fleeces, sort them and wash them.  It took many years of saving up their fleeces, but we finally were able to save enough to send out to make yarn!

Our yarn is all DK weight (between Sport weight and Worsted weight).   For the grey and brown, each skein is approximately 5.5oz and approximately 300 yards.  The white skeins are approximately 4.2oz and approximately 250 yards. (Washing and conditioning may slightly shrink the yardage).   We have both washed/conditioned skeins and unconditioned skeins.  The conditioned skeins are softer and fluffier. The fibers of the unconditioned skeins are tighter and a bit rougher and thinner.   Unless you specify otherwise, we will send you the conditioned yarn.

The natural (undyed) colors are:

  • White (from Ricardo, Huckleberry, Sweetly, Old Vinnie, Parsnip).  Approximate proportions: 70% wool, 10% mohair, 20% alpaca.
  • Brown (from Madison, Spenser, Marguerite, and Senna).  Approximate proportions: 70% wool, 30% alpaca.
  • Grey (from Gruff and Bart).  Approximate proportions: 70% wool, 30% alpaca.

Many times Farmer Anne’s shearing clients will donate their fiber to the farm.  We have thus added in alpaca fiber to each of these types so that they will be extra soft.

We have also hand-dyed some of the yarn to make gorgeous colors. There may be variations in color due to the nature of hand-dyeing.

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Natural Brown, Natural Grey, Natural White