Sponsor Maria



My mom was abandoned at a farm in Maryland when she was pregnant with my two sisters and me.  Farmer Anne loved us so much she brought all three of us to Star Gazing Farm.  I am the most outgoing of my sisters as I don’t necessarily see the fence as a boundary for me like my sisters, Evelyn and Tabitha do. I feel, to make sure no mice come into our home, we must go beyond the borders to deter the rodents.  Well, and sometimes I have to let the other cats in the neighborhood know that this is MY farm, so I get into fights once in a while.  I’m one tough kitty.  I also like to socialize with the neighbor children.  However, I do always come home to spend the night on the couch with Tabitha and whatever lap may be there at the time.

Our birthday is August 4, 2012.