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I’ve got to say it:  I’m a darned lucky steer and I’m sorry if I’m naughty sometimes, but I am just so happy to be alive.    I was born in June of 2018 but my mother did not want to feed me when I was born, so I was relegated to a small and yucky paddock where I was all alone.  The plan was, they said, to put me in the freezer.  I had never seen a freezer but it didn’t sound like a good plan to me.  I’m so lucky to have been brought here where I have my friends Carmen and Brandy, and lots of people who come to get kisses from me.

I have big fuzzy ears, and nice soft fur.  People love to pet me.  It’s true, once in a while I think it’s so much fun to chase the volunteers. It’s only a little game, so I never can understand why shriek when we play it. By the way, my full name is Peter Martin Davidson, after Farmer Anne’s great great grandfather. I’m a Brown Swiss cow but I’m glad to be named after a handsome Scotsman.