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Well hello there folks, my name is Lt. Bubba Skinner but you can just call me Bubba.  I’m a mighty handsome fella.  I’m a Katahdhin sheep – we are hair sheep and we shed, so we don’t have to go through that mightily embarrassing thing they call shearing.  Anyhow, back in 2017 I had a powerful scary experience when I was just a young man.  I heard some people talking about “Christmas dinner” and looking at me a lot in kinda a funny way, so I took off.  There were cars and long, wide roads, and I just ran and ran and ran.  I became a wild man, don’t you know.

But I found a lady I could trust who gave me food and promised to not talk anymore about Christmas dinner. It’s a long story and involved my running around a lot trying not to get caught (it was after Christmas, but who knows what these crazy humans will do sometimes).  I’ll just tell you the conclusion of it which is now I live here.  I’ve learned my proper manners and can get along with anyone.  By the way, I’m considered a very, very eligible bachelor.