Sponsor Milo



Hi.  I’m Milo.  I’m an Anatolian Shepherd and was born in 2016 at a place that was pretty bad.

I am so happy to be here now with friendly animals, friendly people, clean pastures, and lots of animals to watch over.  Before this it was crowded and dirty.  There were so many animals that the person in charge didn’t even notice when one of my brothers died.  He just lay there and we were all so sad.  I also didn’t get enough to eat, but now I get lots of really great food.  I look after the animals.  My favorite sheep is Ray Ray, who is blind.  I make sure he is OK at night and most of the time I sleep right near him.  I’m very serious about my job, but in the evenings, right after dinner, I love to be hugged and have my belly rubbed.